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Meet Joey!

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Download the app for free! Use a share code from a store or from a friend to create an account.

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Use the QR code in your app every time you buy to a sharebate partner store to earn points!

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Get more rewards from your friends by inviting them to sharebate! The more peers you have the better!

Company Overview

Villaer and Rich
Information Technology Solutions Corporation

The company was established to help the economy. Before consumers spend and loan money to purchase while businesses spend and loan money to attract buyers and that’s what we want to change. Thus, the company’s product was conceived.

Sharebate builds consumers a platform to use their purchasing power and provide businesses a low-cost marketing plan. Consumers will build their own communities to earn cash and businesses will automatically be marketed by the communities established by the consumers. It’s a win-win situation.



Our Vision is to build a prosperous community serving as catalyst for social and economic development.


And our mission is to organize, motivate and mobilize the Filipino consumers as business partners in order to help unleash the full economic potential of industries for the benefit of the country.